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Job Hunt Strategy
Job Hunt Strategy
5 Top Myths on How to Land a Job

5 Top Myths on How to Land a Job

Whether you’re looking for your first-ever job or your 10th, you’ll run into myths about landing a job. Don’t let these myths distract you from doing what it really takes to find and land the job you want.
Getting Started
5 ways your cover letter might be hurting you

These mistakes in your application materials can be serious turnoffs to recruiters.
Career Assessment
The Benefits of Temping for College Students and Grads

Temping for Entry-Level

Temp assignments let college students and new grads test-drive careers, while saving time and money on the wrong choices.
Company & Industry Research
Part-Time Jobs for Auto Technicians

Part-Time Jobs

Moonlighting can liven up your career as an auto tech and build your skills in new areas. Consider the possibilities.
Professional Networking
How to write your professional elevator pitch

Be ready to talk about yourself and what you have to offer in any situation.
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